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The 'What Are We Watching?' podcast came about when Christian joined his 9 year old son Carlin, for a TV show he was watching. 30 minutes later, Carlin was just shaking his head after listening to his Dad interrupt with sarcastic quips every 5 seconds. Carlin just flatly looked at him and said, "you sure do have a lot of opinions about this show." BOOM! A podcast was born. Each episode, Carlin and Christian watch a new kid's TV show. Christian complains and lashes out, while Carlin tries to convince his old man that he's being.... well, an old man. As Our theme song asks: Who is right? Is it the son or the Dad? Either way you get to laugh knowing Christian is mad. So pull up a chair and get the corn a poppin'. Tune in for new episodes of 'What Are We Watching?'
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Jul 27, 2016

This week, Christian takes a look back at 'Bella and the Bulldogs'. He's still upset that there was no football in a show about football. Or cheer leading for that matter.

We ask if this show would be better animated and give a shout out to WAWW fan, ruffmanfan882 after he drops some knowledge and puts Christian in his place.

What Are We Watching next week? Nickelodeon's 'Danger and Thunder'! What's this mash-up about? Check out the synopsis:

Kid Danger and Phoebe Thunderman infiltrate a secret villain meeting in Swellview where the villains plan to destroy Captain Man and Kid Danger. When they get there however, Phoebe is shocked to see Max as an attendee. They need to defeat the villains while Phoebe tries to convince Max from making a mistake.

Meanwhile, Piper gets "Textneck" from texting constantly. So she has Jasper text for her, which leads to disastrous consequences.

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Jul 20, 2016

Christian and Carlin watch Nickelodeon's Bella and the Bulldogs season 4 episode 1 for this episode of the What are we Watching? podcast this week.

Are the kids smart? Are the adults idiots? Is there a laugh track?

More importantly, is there EVER ACTUAL FOOTBALL in this show ABOUT FOOTBALL?!?!?! Stay tuned and find out.

What is your review of Bella and the Bulldogs? Was Carlin right or Christian?

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Jul 13, 2016

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This week we recap Nickelodeon's 'School of Rock'. Was it better than the source material or a pale comparison? Would it be better animated? WHO'S VOICE WAS USED FOR NIGHT LIZARD'S SONG?!?!

Maybe we'll have answers. Maybe not. We've issued a challenge to VMI grad and TV's Dewey Finn, Tony Cavalero, to come set Christian straight on these facts and more.

We also preview Nickelodeon's 'Bella and the Bulldogs' Season 4 Episode 1. What's this show about? We have you covered with the plot synopsis:
"The series follows cheerleader Bella Dawson whose life in Texas takes an unexpected twist when she is recruited to become the new quarterback for her school's football team, the Bulldogs. At first, the rest of the team do not want her as quarterback, but they eventually accept her."

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Jul 6, 2016

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This week we're watching Nickelodeon's 'School of Rock'. Carlin loves the music and one nerdy character, but what does Christian think? And WHY is that old lady vacuuming? No really, why?

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Synopsis: School of Rock is an American musical live-action sitcom which premiered March 12, 2016, on Nickelodeon. The show is based on the 2003 film of the same name starring Jack Black. The show stars Breanna Yde, Ricardo Hurtado, Jade Pettyjohn, Lance Lim, Aidan Miner, and Tony Cavalero. Set in Austin, Texas, the series follows a group of five 12-year-old prep school students – Zack, Laurence, Freddy, Summer and Tomika – who are encouraged to start a rock band by their substitute teacher Dewey Finn, an unsuccessful musician.

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